October 4, 2011


Today THE LION KING was released on BluRay, BluRay 3D, and DVD in North America! The Lion King is Disney’s 32nd classically animated movie, and is widely considered one of the greatest animated masterpieces of our time. Not only was The Lion King critically acclaimed, it also was (and still is) a blockbuster hit, and was close to breaking a billion dollars at the world wide box-office.

The basic plot for The Lion King, as provided on the back of the BluRay, is an extraordinary coming-of-age adventure as Simba, a lion cub who cannot wait to be king, searches for his destiny in the great “Circle of Life”.

In North America, on September 16, 2011, The Lion King was re-released in theaters in a special edition converted 3D. This was released for a limited two week run in theaters, but due to the great success at the box office, it was extended for an extra week.

 Today, it came to our attention that The Lion King 3D will also be given a short re-release in the UK starting THIS Friday, October 7th! If you have yet to see The Lion King or are hesitant to see it in theaters because you do not enjoy 3D films, we highly recommend you check out our review on the movie and its 3D conversion.

With that said, of course today the movie was released on BluRay in Glorious HD! It is PACKED with New Special features such as 4 Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes, Never-Before-Seen Bloopers, a Deleted Song, The Morning Report: Extended Scene (released on the 2003 DVD print), a documentary Pride of The Lion King and The Lion King: A Memoir, Disney Sing Along Mode, and so much more!

This BluRay package is full of bonuses and special features to keep the fan in you entertained for hours! Depending on where you buy your copy, various stores are offering free things with your BluRay purchase. The Disney Store is offering FREE Lithographs, while Toys R Us is offering a free GIANT 3D poster! With that said, Thanks Again Guys and You Have JUST Been ChrisCrossed!

Make sure to check out our NEWEST Video: Let’s Play THE LION KING Ep: 3 ELEPHANT GRAVEYARD!


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