October 5, 2011

Got Questions?

Tomorrow is Thursday! And you may be asking yourself why we're so excited for such a random day of the week, but that is one of the only days that we can actually film! We still have so many things that we want to do, and some things that you, the fans, get to be a part of. You may have noticed that our theme didn't change for October, and you may have also guessed by now that we are doing a second Lion King themed month. This is due to the amazing sales that The Lion King brought in at the box office, the release of the first ever BluRay of The Lion King, and finally our goal to defeat a long time foe, The Lion King for the SNES. Hope you guys are excited as us for this continuation of The Lion King theme!

Now this is where you come in. Since we are going to be beginning a "new" month so to speak, we are going to be doing another ChrisCrossMail. There have been some comments on our recent videos asking us when we were going to do another Q&A session, also known as our ChrisCrossMails. It's obvious that the people writing those comments aren't reading up on our blog, following us on Twitter, or liking our Facebook page. But let's not harass them please. If you have any questions that you would like to ask us, just leave them as a comment on this post. If we got a lot, we may just answer them all, but keep them PG as always.

Hope you guys liked this little update filling you in on where we are right now with ChrisCrossMedia. And if you guys (that means you gals too) haven't watched our newest video here it is below.

Once again, if you have any questions for us that you would like to see answered in our newest ChrisCrossMail, that will be out later this month, then please just leave your questions on here and they may just be answered. Until next time, you have just been ChrisCrossed!


  1. Who was your favorite character in The Lion King? Why? And if you could hang out with that character for a day, what would you do? *Be careful, they're lions!*

  2. What is Your Favorite Zelda Character? Fav Mario Character?

  3. What is ur favorite Lion King movie and song?

  4. Which do you prefer, Zelda, Mario, or Banjo-Kazooie, and name your favorite game in your favorite out of the 3

  5. MarioLuigiYoshiShow1October 6, 2011 at 5:00 PM

    What is ur favorite Lion King Location?