November 24, 2010

'Disney Tangled' Review!

(11/24/2010) 10:00PM...By: Chris

  A few hours ago, Christian and I got back from our local movie theater after extremly enjoying Disney's 50th Animated Movie, TANGLED!  What can we say about this movie?  Disney is BACK!  Both being 19 years of age, we grew up viewing such classics like, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King (just to name a few)...During this time, it was crowned the "Golden Age of Disney Animation"  Disney continued to produce fantastic fully animated movies for the next decade but then the studio drastically changed.  The CEO of Disney at the time, Michael Eisner, chose to close Disney's hand drawn department and demanded the studio concentrate on 3D Anmated movies, as opposed to the traditional Hand Drawn movies (something Disney perfected for almost 7 decades.) 
  The qualities of the movies to follow this change proved that this was not the right move for Disney.  Movies like Chicken Little, Meet the Robinson's, and Bolt, lacked the charm and look that Disney established.  This was until Eisner was kickeed out, Iger was put in, and John Lasseter was put in charge of Disney Animation!  Lasseter is best known for being the head honcho over at PIXAR and directing such classic as Toy Story and A Bugs Life! 
  With these new changes in the studio, Lasseter and Iger stressed that Disney needed to return to it's roots of handmade animation with great characters and story!  With that said, Princess and the Frog was born!  I can truly say that after I saw Princess and the Frog, I felt like a kid watching Aladdin or The Lion King for the first time!  It was fantastic and a return to great animated story had music, story, great art...everything you need to make a Classic Disney Story!  I was so excited about this movie, but before I can say the "Disney Was Back" I wanted to find out if Disney could keep it up.  Could Disney continue to produce great movies? or was this great movie it?
  My answer?  Yes...DISNEY IS BACK!

  Although Tangled is not a hand drawn movie, the animators did something special with the animation!  Although the characters are 3D models, the textures on the characters, backgrounds, objects were hand drawn and painted on the computer...and let me tell you, Disney developed something amazing here!  The blending of 3D animtion and Hand drawn animation looks amazing!  It looked and felt like a Classic Disney Movie!!  Also, the music....Again something that was lacking in Chicken Little, Meet the Robinson's, and Bolt...But the music in Tangled was fantastic!  Returning Genius, Alan Menken, produces the music for Tangled! 

  The story was greatly developed and the characters had depth and had great back stories.  You actually cared about the characters and felt a connection to them.  Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore, voices of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel, did a fantastic job giving these two characters life!  Like we say in our video review, these to characters are strong, fun characters that boy/men, girls/women can relate too! 

So if you cant tell, we really LOVED this movie!  Go watch it in 3D too...It was wonderfully done and it really gives the movie depth!   So we give Disney Tangled 5/5 Stars!  A+!!  100%!!!  Go see it, your gunna love it!!

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