December 8, 2010

Disney Epic Mickey Review!


  (12/8/2010) 5:27 PM...By: Chris

  On Novermeber 30th, Disney Interactive Studios and Junction Point released the highly anticipated game, Disney Epic Mickey!  This game has already won several awards for various things, including it's unique gamestyle, and overal story.  Being the BIG Disney fan I am, I have been anticipating this game for a very very long time. 

Disney Epic Mickey: Collector's Edition

  I remember hearing about this game for almost two years, and just wondering what it would all be about.  Seeing the concept art for the first time got me so excited, and then hearing that you would play as Mickey Mouse had me really really excited!  But the BIGGEST excitement was when I heard that the Legendary Warren Spector would be working on the game!

Warren Spector, Director or Disney Epic Mickey

  Warren Spector is known for his award winning games such as Deus Ex and the Ultima series, and he is notorious for being a HUGE Disney/Mickey Mouse fan!  What I loved is that he truly understands Mickey Mouse...who is is, what are his motives, and how he SHOULD act!  Mickey Mouse has been potrayed as a mascot for the Disney Company for the past 80 years, and hasn't prominately been the star of a story for almost two decades.  Spector knew he had to bring Mickey Mouse back to his roots, and give him his retro look! 

Mickey Mouse's "retro" look for Disney Epic Mickey

  When I was finally able to get my hands on this game, after all the hype the past 4 months from E3, and other various sources, I was so excited!  Without giving away too much of the plot and story; you play as Mickey Mouse who is thrown into this world called the Wasteland.  The Wasteland is a world were all the forgotten and rejected Disney characters and designs live. (it's basically a shadow of the Magic Kingdom from the Disney Parks)  Mickey spilled paint and thinner into this world by mistake, creating the Phantom Blot!  The Phantom Blot causes havic and destroys the world were many characters live, such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey Mouse's older/jealous brother.

Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

  Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was Walt Disney's first success!  Oswald was a lot like Mickey Mouse in many many ways....He would fight an arch nemisis, cause some trouble, and gets the girl!  But in 1928, when Walt went to Universal to renew his contract with them, they kicked Walt to the curb and stole all of his animators.  Walt need soemthing to get back on his feet... Mickey Mouse was born, and the rest is history!
  So ya, Oswald is pretty jealous of Mickey Mouse.  Mickey is living the life he was supposed to have.  Mickey is confronted by Oswald when you enter the Wasteland, and this is really when the story unfolds.  I really don't want to give too much away of the story.  It's really something you have to play for yourself...especially because there are multiple endings! 

Concept Art from Disney Epic Mickey

  I have yet to beat Disney Epic Mickey... I am actually on the last boss level, and let me tell you...WHAT A BOSS LEVEL!  It is so awesome!  I love it!  I can seriously say it is one of my favorite boss levels in ANY game!  It's so cool and you really use your paint and thinner here, trust me.  Check out our quick video look/review of Disney Epic Mickey!  I personally give the game 5/5 stars...I love everything about it, and it truly is a pleasure to play...Here's hoping for a sequel! 

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