November 20, 2010

Disney Epic Mickey Giveaway!

(11/20/2010) 12:25PM...By: Chris

This is ChrisCrossMedia's 13th YouTube Giveaway, and this one really is special! We are lucky enough to have Disney Interactive Studios provide the prizes for this giveaway!

Disney Interactive Studios is providing THREE copies of the game for THREE Lucky Winners!

All you have to do is...
1.) Subscribe to ChrisCrossMedia's YouTube Page
2.) "Like" DisneyEpicMickey's and ChrisCrossMedia's Facebook Pages
(When you did 1 & 2)
3.) Add you YouTube username on ChrisCrossMedia's Facebook Wall

On November 29, 2010 11:59 Central Time, we will randomly choose three winners to recieve a copy of Disney Epic Mickey!!

(You will only be eligable if you complete steps 1-3!)

**Some of you are saying that you don't have a Facebook's or you're not allowed to get a Facebook's...If this is true, I'm sorry but maybe this giveaway isn't for you...Because this giveaway is sponsored by Disney Interactive Studios, we had to come up with some ground rules for the giveaway, and this is what we came up with...So these three steps are set in stone, and can not be altered!

Pre-Order Disney Epic Mickey, CLICK THIS LINK: Pre-Orders

DisneyEpicMickey Facebook: DisneyEpicMickey Facebook

CCM Facebook: ChrisCrossMedia Facebook

Good Luck to everyone that enters!  Thanks again for Disney Interactive Studios for reaching out to us and providing the giveaway prizes for this month!

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