November 10, 2010

CCM shirts & Mickey!

  (11/10/2010) 12:40am...By: Chris

  The first CCM shirts are finally in!  You can find them in our shop here.  The design is the "ChrisCrossMedia: The Official Shirt" in red!!  We offer a Small, Medium, Large and XLarge!  We plan to offer the other two designs on our shop, PLUS more designs soon.  But for now, this is what we are starting with!  Also, (This is kinda funny to me) some of you are asking if we could sign the shirts for you...we can and will by request.  When you purchase the shirt, there is a comments box; leave a comment there if you want your shirt signed or not!  Also packed with the shirts is a personal letter written to the buyer, and a small extra little present!  So pick up your CCM Shirt soon!  They are going fast!!  (click here to buy shirt)

  Also check out our NEW video about Mickey Mouse's History in videogames!!  With the release of Disney's Epic Mickey coming Novemeber 30th, we got curious about what other games Mickey Mouse has appeared in. To our surprise, Mickey Mouse has been on the earliest of consoles for over three decades on over 30 games! Not only is Mickey fun to play on the 8-bit or digital screen, but he is also one of the biggest movie stars of all time!

  Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney in 1928, with his debut cartoon 'Steamboat Wille', an he was a smash hit! Mickey was the very first voice cartoons of it's time. Not only did Mickey have a voice, but he also had personality and spunk. These qualities connected more with the audiences, and helped contributed to the massive sucess of todays icon.

  Jump 70 or so years later and we have the emergence of videogames! Mickey and videgames are no brainer! If you have any doubt, look up a classic Mickey Mouse cartoon 'Building a Building'! Mickey appeared on the earliest of consoles such as the NES and the Master System. Mickey Mouse has appeared in pretty much any genre of videogaming, such as platforming, 3D platforming, action adventure, puzzle, racing, and more! So Mickey is no stranger videogames!

  With Disney's Epic Mickey coming soon, we can only expect great things from this game! The creator of the game, Warren Spector, seems to truly understand the character of Mickey Mouse. We can see from the footage and gamplay shown that Mickey Mouse is taken back to his fisty roots!

Also in the video is a FUN promo for our shirts!  Check it out now! (click for video here)

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