November 3, 2010

Epic Mickey Month, InifiCast, & Updates!

(11/3/2010) 3:57PM...By: Chris

  Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?  M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E!!!  Have you taken a look at our YouTube, Twitter, Facebook?!?  If so, you will notice that Mickey has taken over!!  Today we launch our new Theme/Month, "ChrisCrossMedia's Disney Epic Mickey Month!"

  We have so much planned for this month!  If your a fan of Disney movies, music, videogames, or parks, you will LOVE what we have instore for you guys!  Of course, the main topic we will cover is Nintendo's NEW release and Warren Spector's newest project, "Disney's Epic Mickey"!  We also have a sweet giveaway for this month that I know you guys will enjoy!!

  In other news, our good friends and affiliates GrandPyromania & YoshiToMario have uploaded a NEW Inficast, over at their collab channel InfiNintendo!  The cool thing is that I'm in it!!  We talk about Motion Gaming, the Future of Gaming, Nintendo's sales over the Holiday season and more!!  You can watch Part 1 NOW!

  Also wanted to give you guys an update on our shop!  We should be getting our inventory of the items soon...we had some issues with the printing store, but it seems to be taken care of!  We will have more updates on when our CCM Shop will go 100% live!!  So stay tuned, and very soon you will be able to own a CCM Shirt!!

ChrisCrossMedia: The Official Shirt (Red)

  That's all the updates we have for you now...keep checking back for more news, and keep checking our YouTube page, we have some really awesome Epic Mickey content coming soon!  Thanks again, and you have Just Been ChrisCrossed!

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