November 14, 2010

The Walt Disney Family Museum Video Entry

(11/14/2010) 3:41 PM...By : Chris Pavlou 
  The Walt Disney Family Museum is celebrating their One Year Anniversary!  A few months ago on Museums Website, they gave fans and filmmakers a chance to make a promotional video for the museum!  And being the BIG Disney Fans we are, we had to enter!

  With the handmade animated graphics you see in the video, and the attention to various details, it took our entry a few weeks to finish!  There are hidden secrets and inspirations for everything that was put in this video!  For instance, we chose this certain art style for the graphics/animation because we were inspired by the "vector" styled posters that were used around the Disneyland Park in the 1950's as well for the 50th Anniversary of the Park.  We chose to do an animated to honor Walt Disney's invention of the Multiplane Camera.  As you can see in our video above, each scene has many layers which gives the animation depth, which is what the multiplane camera did.  There are many other little "Easter Eggs" hidden in this video too!  In the first scene you will notice a Young Walt Disney sitting in the grass with his pet pig.  Walt grew up on a farm and would draw various things he found on the farm.  He even got in trouble for painting his pet pig on the side of the barn, which you can see in the video!  Another fun "Easter Egg" is in the 5th scene which shows Walt Disney holding his Oscars.  Behind him is the Circle Carthay Theater, which premiered "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Fantasia"!  There are many other little tidbits and facts inside the video, but I'll let you guys try to find the rest!  You can leave a comment down below if you can find any!

  If you want more information or would like to visit The Walt Disney Family Museum, please visit this link:

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  1. Nicely Done
    Really cool easter eggs that you guys put,hope you win the contest.