October 14, 2010

Christian in GranPyro's LP's!

(10/14/2010) 1:06 PM....By: Chris

  Hey everyone!  Our good friend and affiliate GrandPyromania just recently had Chris in two of his KH LP  Episodes...but now, he has Christian!  Check out Episode 43 & Episode 44 NOW on his Channel: youtube.com/GrandPyromania

  We had a BLAST doing these with him!  Like we said before, because of him, we really want to start our KH files over again!  and Also because of him, we realized how AWESEOME doing LP's are!

On a side note...remember to check out our new forums!  I was surprised how active they got yesturday!  We have a lot of new memebers, but if you haven't registered yet, register now!

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