October 13, 2010

CCM Forum 2.0!

(10/13/2010) 4:12 PM...By: Chris

    Hey Guys!  Ever since we launched the website and forum, we were unsatisfied by what our forum had to offer.  We were unable to do a lot of features and basic commands that you would expect from any normal forum.  We also noticed that log-in and basic comment posting was a hassle for our fans.  So we looked and looked, and found THE PEFRECT forum for us to use now!  Unfortunatly, all the logins and forum posts from before are now gone...but you can start fresh on our new page!  Christian and I will now regularly post on the forums! (before, we gave up because we knew we were deleting it)

New CCM Forum is easy to use!

    So have fun on our new page!  I also want to thank my sister Mary for doing all of this for us!  She is the one that built the site/froum/blog!  We seriously wouldn't have any of this if it weren't for her!  Also take note that the CCM Shop is up, but we aren't taking orders just yet!  But we will soon, just give us a few days to organize everything! 

Hope you guys enjoy the forums!  We know we will! 

Link: ChrisCrossMedia Forum

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  1. This is Awsome! Great Job on this cool looking Blog