October 16, 2010

ChrisCrossing LEGOLand!

(10/26/2010) 5:23 PM....By: Chris

  Hey what's up guys!  We posted a NEW video yesterday, but I have been sooooo busy with stuff!  So NOW, I'm finally able to make a quick blog post about our trip!

  For about the last 4 or 5 months, Christian and I have been talking about going to the LEGOLand Discovery Center, which is only about 15 min from our houses!  We finally found time, and what better time than during our LEGO Month!  We were greeted at the entrance by a GIANT Giraffe and Spongebob, both being made out of entirely Lego!  The entrance/main floor is mostly a large Lego Store.  Most of the items there are things you can generally find at any toy store or Lego Store in your area...aside for a few exclusive items!  Then we noticed that there was a tour!

  $20 a person, but because we are so cool, the guy let us in with only one ticket!  (We got ChrisCrossed this time!!)  Judging from the outside of this building, you wouldn't expect much.  It doesn't look reletively big from the outside.  But boy, were we wrong!  The start of the tour has a large display of Lego Chicago!  With working lights and moving effects!!  We were both in awe and amazement!!  We could NOT believe how awesome it truly was...there was so much to look at!  Then the tour continues to the Jungle Expedition sponsored by the Rainforest Cafe.  This area was my personal favorite!  If you have been to the Rainforest Cafe before, it's like that, but instead of robotic animals, it animals made out of legos!  It was so cool, really detailed with lighting and sounds too.  There was even a life-size Indiana Jones complete with the golden idol!  After that, there are some caves with spiders and "lego lava", then you come to a room where you have the opportunity to take pictures with life-size Lego Batman, Lego R2D2, and Lego Darth Vader!  (We took pictures with all of them, haha)  Then around the corner there is a dark ride!  A DARK RIDE?!?!  I couldn't believe it!  The small building I would pass up all the time had a ride in it.  The ride was short, and it's nothing like you find at Disney World, but it was still fun nontheless.  After the ride your able to purchase a picture of yourself on the ride, which we did! 

Look Mom!  No hands!!

  As we are buying our pictures, the guy at the counter asked us if we went upstairs yet....Upstairs?!?!  This place started feeling like Willy Woka's Chocolate Factory!  So many things pack in such a small building!  Upstairs there was a workshop where we learned how to build the Sears Tower out of Lego.  Then there was a Lego Factory where they show us how Legos are made.  And lastly, there was a Lego 4D Adventure, which we didn't have time to do, but it looked like fun!  There was also a FoodCourt, and an area where kids can build Legos, and a play area for kids too!  This place was crammed with things to do!  If you have a chance to go over to LEGOLand Discovery Center, we highly recommend it!  Check out our new video as we vlog the whole trip experience!

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