April 27, 2011

Bored 'N' Gaming - Trouble

Hello there fans of ChrisCrossMedia! Today we bring you yet another classic board game for you to feast your eyes on. So go run and hid in your bedroom because you're about to get into Trouble!

Trouble is a very unique board game. Unlike most board games where you roll the die with your hands, in Trouble all you have to do is push the center hub, known as the Pop-O-Matic. When you push the Pop-O-Matic the die inside is rebounded around and falls on one of six sides to give you the amount of spaces that you may move on the board. The overall goal of the game is to move all four of your pegs to the finish zone. In order to move one of your pegs out of the home zone you must roll a 6 on the die. Once you roll a 6 and move your peg to the start position you may roll the die once again. Move the peg around the board until you get to the finish zone. Be careful though! If one of your oppnents' peg lands on your peg then you have to send your peg back to the home section of the board game. Not until you get all four of your pegs to the finish zone do you win the game. If this explanation of the rules didn't help, then just read here for more information.

Trouble, as you may have guessed, is also one of my favorite board games of all time. Unlike Monopoly and Mouse Trap, Trouble was a game that I bought new from the get go. I have many fond memories of this game as well, too many to mention. If I had to choose one of those memories to talk about today it would have to be the following. Trouble was a game that I remember playing with siblings the most, and that is something that is missing today in the household. I hope that in due time I go out and purchase some of these board games and restart on the family bonding that there once was.

Do you have any stories related to any of the board games that have been mentioned so far? Please leave a comment down below.


  1. I haven't played either of them "sadly".
    but I've had alot of fun with family in a trivial pursuit.

  2. My sister and I discovered Trouble was a perfect game to play in the car on long trips.