April 20, 2011

Bored 'N' Gaming - Mouse Trap

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to our second installment of Bored 'N' Gaming. This Wednesday we bring you another classic, Mouse Trap. The original Mouse Trap was first published by Ideal back in 1963, and since then the game hasn't been changed much at all.

This was also one of the very first board games that I was ever introduced to. My mom purchased my first copy of the game from a garage sale, and unfortunately it was missing some pieces of the mouse trap. As you can imagine I was really disappointed, because I really wanted to see if the whole trap really worked. Through out the years I would purchase multiple copies, mostly form thrift stores, but never did I have all the pieces to the board game. Eventually my mom bought me a copy at a Toys R Us and finally in my life I had a brand new copy of Mouse Trap! I would always take the game with me to the baby sitters house, and would play with her son, Christiaan, who is now one of my closest friends. I have a lot of memories of laughter from victories, and also some sad ones from losing, or just sadness because the trap sometimes wouldn't work. :P

The game can be played by 2-4 players, and as always the more players the better. The main object in this game is to be the last mouse standing. The game starts off by rolling two die, and then moving that total number of spaces on the board. As you take turns rolling the die and moving places on the board, you will land on spaces that require you to build the mouse trap, one of the major points of the game. When you land on a "build" space you also collect one piece of cheese, which plays an important role in the game later on. When you get to the end of the board you end up in a continuous loop of 6 spaces. On those 6 spaces you can collect double the cheese when you land on a "build" space. Once the whole mouse trap is built, the game begins to get exciting and interesting. 

As you go around and around in the loop area you will occasionally land on a "crank" space. If there is a mouse under the trap when you land on the "crank" space then start cranking the trap and see if you can capture the mouse to eliminate the player from the game. Remember that I said that the cheese was an important part of the game? Well only during your turn you can trade in a slice of cheese to roll the die again, and move an opponents mouse those many spaces on the board. The point of this is to try and get your opponents mouse underneath the trap. One game usually takes on average around 30 minutes. So grab yourself a copy of this game, grab some friends, and start trapping those mouses!

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  2. Thanks for sharing. Like you, this was my very first board game. Today, I enjoy playing this game with my family.