April 18, 2011

ChrisCross Monday

Hello there and welcome to our first ChrisCross Monday! During this segment we "ChrisCross" from console to console and fill you in on what games are going to be released this week. Last week there was a poll on the blog that wanted to know what your favorite console was. 56 of you voted and we came up with the following results:

Nintendo Wii - 34 (60%)
Microsoft Xbox 360 - 5 (8%)
Sony Playstation 3 - 2 (3%)
Other (Portable, PC) - 15 (25%)

As you can see the majority of our viewers prefer the Nintendo Wii, and that is what we expected. It was interesting to see that the "Other" category was so dominant. If we were to do this poll again, I would definitely add more choices to get more specific results. This week we see the launch of three huge games. Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, and SOCOM 4! And with all that said let's see the rest of this weeks new releases!

Nintendo Wii

My Little Baby 4/18
Remington Super Slam Hunting: Alaska 4/18
Conduit 2 4/19

Microsoft Xbox 360
Mortal Kombat 4/19 (also available, on same day, for Sony Playstation 3, PC, and Mac)
Triple Pack: Xbox Live Arcade Compilation 4/19
Portal 2 4/19 (also available, on same day, for Sony Playstation 3, PC, and Mac)
Pinball FX 2: Mars 4/20
Section 8: Prejudice 4/20

Sony Playstation 3
Arcana Hearts 3 4/19
Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy HD 4/19
SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs 4/19

Nintendo DS (Original, Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS)
DodoGo! Robo 4/18
GO Series: Captain Sub 4/18
TrackMania Turbo 4/19

PSP (1000, 2000, 3000)
Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection 4/19
Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fluzzles 4/19

Elements of War 4/18
Assassin's Creed: Ultimate Collection 4/19
Blazing Angels Bundle 4/19
Brothers in Arms: Complete Collection 4/19
Majesty 2 Collection 4/19
Tom Clancy's End War With World in Conflict 4/19
Cargo: The Quest for Gravity 4/21

If you haven't watched our newest video then just watch it down below!


  1. Portal 2 looks flippin' awesome.