October 7, 2010

Site Update?

(10/7/2010) 10:41 AM

Hey what's up guys!  We hope you are enjoying the site and it's features so far!  If you are reading this, you are in the Daily Blog scetion of the site...which will be updated, DAILY :P

Somethings that we wanted to mention was that we plan to have some major updates on the site this coming week!  We plan to launch our shop soon, where you can buy some exclusive ChrisCross merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, and hats!

Also, with every good news, there is bad news!  Good news is our forum system will be totally face-lifted!  It will be MUCH easier to use, and MUCH easier for us to manage.  At the momment, the current forum system we have is lacking many, many features that we need to run it.  So we decided yesturday, after noticing how many features it was lacking, to go with a different provider...this is the GOOD News!  The BAD News is that all the log-in's you guys made yesturday will be deleted, and all the posts that are currently there will not remain.  When we start with the new provider, we start fresh.  So feel free to still use the forums if you like for now, but just so you know, the forums will close and be updated by the end of this week!

So that's all the news we have for you right now!  We are planning some really cool videos for our LEGO Month!  and we promise a few other BIG surprises coming very soon! 

Thanks Again Guys!  You have Just Been ChrisCrossed!

(BTW, you can click on the titles of the blogs and make comments to our posts if you like!)

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