October 9, 2010

CCM's T-Shirts

(10/9/2010) 4:08 PM....By: Chris Pavlou & Christian Mata

    We have finalized the three designs that will debut for our Shop Launch next week!  We took into the consideration all the feedback that you guys submitted on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Our Site.  As you can see, there are a few changes to the shirts, but the designs you see today will be the desgins you'll see when you purchase and wear them! 

"ChrisCrossMedia: The Official Shirt" (Red)

"ChrisCrossMedia: YouTube Design" (Black)

 "ChrisCrossMedia: Vector Art Design" (Gold)

    Pricing and sizes will be available next week!  So get ready, we will be taking orders in our shop, and expect more designs and products really soon!  Thanks Again, and You Have Just been ChrisCrossed!


  1. why is christian the "cross" in ChrisCrossMedia??

  2. Great improvement on the Black Shirt!
    Red of course, still awesome (the one I want to buy: love red)
    the gold shirt is a neat idea.
    Funny idea: have a shirt with Chris' face on the right and Christian on the left. Have the faces as big as possible, as much as they can fit, place them about chest height. That way the fan girls can have both of you guys on each breast! Hahaha, sorry...

  3. I got another shirt idea:
    you rememeber that marking in Mario Sunshine? It was ":" sideways on a "M"
    maybe have that kind of text written out as "CCM"