October 9, 2010

CCM's T-Shirt Desgin Preview!

(10/9/2010) 12:42 AM...By: Chris Pavlou & Christian Mata

  We have mocked up two designs that we would like to preview with you today!  These designs are not finalized, and they may change before we launch the shop.  But you get a general idea of what we have in mind when it comes to these two designs:

(This is our "ChrisCrossMedia:  The Official Shirt" design in red)

(This one is our "ChrisCross: YouTube" design, which will be featured in black)

  We would love to hear what you guys think about these two shirts, and we would love to know who is interested in purchasing one!  You can leave a comment on the blog by logging in, or creating a blogger account, and clicking the title of this post!  Or, you are free to tell us on our Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube!  Remember to check back frequently next week, because we plan to post more updates on our blog about the shop's launch, and we may also show more designs!  Thanks Again, and you have just Been ChrisCrossed!


  1. Awesome designs! I will so buy both! :D

  2. niice, might buy one when they're up!

  3. I like them both guys!
    Cleaver design for the black shirt.