December 8, 2011

"You are the weakest Link...Goodbye!"

That line always puts a smile on our faces. It had to be one of the biggest phrases that was used during our childhood. Good times, good times. But anyways, thanks for stopping by again today to check out all the cool and crazy things that we have to say here on our blog. 

Today we'd like to keep it simple and straight to the point. What has been your favorite version of Link? Is it the 8-bit cutie we have all grown to love? What about the first ever 3D Link from Ocarina of Time? Or for some of you, maybe it's the cartoon rendition of Link that most of us pretend never happened. Leave a comment down below and explain who your favorite Link has been and why. I asked Chris earlier today and he clearly let me know that Young Link from Ocarina of Time is his favorite. I would personally have to go with Link from Twilight Princess, but that's just me.

Also we would like to note that last week's ChrisCrossMail had some technical difficulties and we did not get a chance to properly film it. So after you're done answering who your favorite Link is, feel free to ask us any Zelda related question also, it may just appear in our next ChrisCrossMail. Also don't forget to scroll all the way below to vote on our most recent poll. With all that being said, you have just been ChrisCrossed!

Also if you still haven't checked out our ridiculous challenge video from our Sonic Month then check it below.


  1. majora's mask link

  2. It would have to be either Majora's Mask link or Young Link from Ocarina of Time. I would favor the latter, but fortunately, I don't have to choose because they are the same person.