December 13, 2011

Twilight Princess vs Twilight Princess?

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. My first game for the Wii, and probably my favorite Zelda game to this day. Now before you go on to flame in the comment section below, keep in mind that neither of us have completed Skyward Sword fully, so that statement might change, but as of now it's up there.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was the first ever Zelda game to be simultaneously programmed with two consoles in mind, the Nintendo Gamecube and the Nintendo Revolution. I remember pre-ordering this game on the Gamecube at Gamestop when it was first announced. Never did I expect that this was going to be the longest wait I would ever wait for a game after a pre-order. There were delays, after delays, after delays, but we soon found out why the game was taken so long to hit the store shelves. That Nintendo Revolution that we had heard about years ago, was now called the Nintendo Wii, and Twilight Princess was going to be a game out at launch.

I then did what any Nintendo fanboy at the time would do, and that was to head over to Gamestop to pre-order Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii. I remember as if it were yesterday. There I was with a Abraham Lincoln in my hand, eagerly waiting in line to reserve my copy of this long awaited game. The kind gentleman asked me if I would like to reserve the Wii version and still keep my Gamecube reservation, or if I would just like to transfer the previous reservation to the new one. What I would decide next would be the biggest decision in my Zelda related life thus far. I chose to only reserve it for the Nintendo Wii. Could you blame me though?

I have yet to feel like shooting myself in the leg for this decision, and this is why we decided to bring up this topic now during our Zelda Month. While reading on some forums and other blogs we have sort of figured out that the majority of people feel as if the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess is superior to the one on the Wii. The only things that we know are different from the two version are the aspect ratio, mirrored maps and compass directions, and obviously the controls. All of those things seem really minor, and you wouldn't think that those things alone could top one version of the game over the other.

So we leave you all with this question. Which version of Twilight Princess is better, and why? Are we not true Zelda fans if we don't play with a left-handed link? Please leave your answers down below.


  1. There is 1 difference more between the two games. On the Wii version, you could have 4 items on screen, and on the GC only 2. Apart from that, I didn't play it on the GCN, but I prefer the Wii, as it's possible to aim faster then with an analog stick. Then again, it's personal preference :]

  2. Wii. The games were so similar was the same game. The 4 items on screen was so much more helpful, like you didn't have to switch items like a billion times in a temple(Which I thought this game did an excellent job of using a lot of previous items in a temple) Also being American having Link being right handed was so much more easy to play the character.

  3. I think the Gamecube version is the definitive one. The game was being made for Gamecube in the first place, with the decision for the Wii port being almost last-minute (I think), and there was the decision to mirror the world of Hyrule to accomodate a right-handed Link. So not only do I bring up the traditional Link left-handedness [in the {definitive} GCN version], but also the fact that the in-game locations are in their intended positions (Kakariko Village and Death Mountain to the east, Lake Hylia and Gerudo Desert to the west, etc.), where they were in Ocarina of Time. That's what makes it definitive over the other: the geographical ties (plus, I might add, the traditional controls) to OoT, one of the most overrated games in existence - (*ducks rotten tomatoes*) er, I mean, the greatest game of all time. (eh heh) =B

  4. You're still true Zelda fans no matter what version you play since they are the same at the core. Same game, same player. :D