December 16, 2011

Skyward Sword Progress - Week 2

Boy what a busy week! On top of doing our daily videos, the holidays are approaching fast! Unfortunately for myself, I have had no time to play Skyward Sword.  I am still in the same location as I was with last week’s update.  However, Christian has power housed through a bunch of temples and bosses clocking in at almost 20 hours of game time. 
It’s fun hearing updates from him almost every night about how awesome the game gets, and how much harder the enemies/puzzles are as you progress. With Christmas Break around the corner, I plan on setting aside some “Wii and Me” time so I can finally advance in this awesome game. Here is where we both are in the game.

           Chris: Conquered the first temple, and is currently in Skyloft doing side-quests. (I’m Lame!)

            Christian: Trekked his way to the entrance of the mysterious Ancient Cistern. (He’s Got Game!)

Where are you in the game? Leave your responses down below and if you have beaten the game, tell us briefly (without spoilers) what you thought of the overall experience.  And if you are getting Skyward Sword for the Holidays, let us know too.  We are wondering how many of you guys still have yet to play the game.


  1. Just beat the third temple yesterday, I haven't had much time to play either.
    Although now that my finals are over, I should be able to play more often. I won't be too busy over the holidays, so lots of time to catch up with my video games. :)

  2. I've completed the game, even with the lack of time. (Zelda addict) 100% with all items upgraded, all heart containers, all medals, maxed rupees and wallets, all treasures. I'd have to say that it was great that unlike old Zeldas, the more you progress in the game, the more you get familiar puzzles thrown at you. It's not one item is to one dungeon like the other games. The last temple had me using almost all my items.

    I'm doing the harder hero mode now, in the third dungeon currently. Mild spoiler, having no hearts is tough. I'm pretty careless (falling in lava, bombing self, not shield bashing) so the constant lack of hearts really hurts me. Relying on potions and fairies sucks.

    You guys have a long way to go until you beat the game. And you really won't be disappointed. The first two dungeons really are nothing compared to the next ones. Storywise, it also gets WTF, this is from my wildest dreams. Read the other reviews, most don't spoil but they pack a punch.

  3. P.S. @Chris Uhm, there are only three sidequests available at that point. Go to Eldin already for crying out loud.