December 21, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Strategy Guides

Today we are going to talk about something simple that many people don't talk about, strategy guides. Growing up, if you purchased a strategy guide for a game you were considered bad at it because you needed guidance to help you complete it. Strategy guides informed you on extra lives, hidden levels, collectibles and much more. They were looked down upon in the gaming community early because it was seen as cheating and not truly playing the game by yourself. Over the years though we have found ourselves buying more and more strategy guides, but not for the purpose that we used to buy them in the past. This is probably due to the small amount of story, art, and information now found in game manuals. Before, game manuals used to be strategy guides all in their own ,but that has now changed as companies want to cut down on the use of paper.

We buy strategy guides now, not to cheat and find all the hidden secrets, but for the cool little things that they provide. They have also become a huge collectors item due to all of the sweet character art that can be found in mostly all of them. Our question to you is, do you you still purchase strategy guides? If you do, please explain why. Also, do you consider people using strategy guides cheaters? We would love to hear what you all think, so please comment down below.


  1. I have never purchased a strategy guide in my life, Dunno why..

  2. never got strategy guides for games not cause I thought they helped you cheat(even though I coulda used it back in the day lol) mainly cause after spending 50-60 bucks on the game I had no money left. poor me, but now that I'm older and have a job I buy usually buy the collectors editions of games for the fan art and stuff. probably gonna buy the diablo3 collectors edition for the art and soundtrack. I've become a big game soundtrack collector, they are really hard to find full soundtracks to buy.

  3. I like to read them after i beat the game to see what i missed and go back to all of the great memories of the game to see all those fun elements used all over again