November 7, 2011

Fitness Monday w/ YouTube Channel Update

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! We know what you are all thinking right now, we are psychics after all, and yes we will be announcing our newest theme soon. As we have said before, we always aim to launch our new theme on the first Monday of the month. Today, being November 7th 2011, is the first Monday of November, and you should be expecting a new theme by now right? Well you see there are always exceptions to these rules that we set forth for ourselves, and today is one of them.

Chris outdid himself once again, and released a beautiful Lion King animation. If you haven't seen it then skip ahead  to the end of this post to watch it. Animations tend to take a while, and Chris really takes his time to make sure that everything is perfect so that you all enjoy it. Because of all this time and stress we have decided to push the announcement of the new theme until tomorrow, but don't worry the wait will definitely be worth it.

As for ourselves we are doing great. As of today I have been dieting and working out for a month and a half now, which means this puts Chris at two month and a week. Yes he is three weeks ahead of me. I wish I could just stop his time and move along three weeks just so I could be up to par with his workout routines. On this Monday we are confident enough to share with all of you where we are in our weight loss goals. As of today Chris weighs in at 185.2 lbs, and I weigh in at 223.4 lbs, I have a long way to go. We share this information to all of you so that one, we could connect on a personal level with all of you, and two, as motivation for anyone out there that is interested in losing weight.

Hope you guys understand all that is going on, and we also hope that you are patient enough to wait until tomorrow to see our brand new theme. If you get a chance to talk to Chris, please let him know what you thought of his insanely well made animation, I'm sure that he will appreciate it. And with that, you have just been ChrisCrossed!

Oh I almost forgot. It seems that this time around Skyward Sword defeated Sonic Generations. Which means this has turned into a tie. Chris and I will both think about this for the remaining of the month. All your votes will be taken into consideration, but at the end of the day we will be the ones to make the tough decision. We hope that you enjoy what ever our last theme of 2011 ends up being. Alright NOW you have just been ChrisCrossed!


  1. You posted your current weight, but not how much you have lost so far. Can you say how much you both have lost? :)

  2. New theme yes! but i still want that kovu conspiracy...