May 23, 2011

The Rapture of Zelda

Well would you look at that, we all survived the rapture! Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this week's ChrisCrossMonday, where we usually cover the games that were or will be released this week. Unfortunately, for some of you, we are going to switch up these daily blogs from now on. My reasoning behind this was that the blogs tended to be too stale and weren't as personal as I wanted them to be. You come here to see what we do an a day-to-day basis, and us telling you what things are released doesn't really do that very well. So from now on we will still cover the blog poll from the previous week, but instead of talking game launches we will focus more on what games we are playing at the moment.

The votes for last week's poll were at an all-time low since the start of our daily blogs. There were only a total of 22 votes! What happened last week fans? Our question to all of you was: Which one of these ships would you like to be a captain of? Well here are the results!

The Interceptor     (5%)

The Black Pearl     (64%)

The Flying Dutchman     (31%)

Not so surprising huh? Actually these are the exact results that I was expecting. I mean c'mon who doesn't want to be the captain of The Black Pearl? Thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to participate in our poll, and I would really like to see more involvement this week, so if you haven’t voted then please vote below. We may just actually give the winning option a chance. ;)

If you guys are interested in seeing what I am currently playing then please read on, if not then just vote and come in and check for tomorrow’s blog. As of now I am trying REALLY hard to finally beat Sonic the Hedgehog and The Legend of Zelda. As a kid I would always play Sonic with my friend Christiaan, he was the special one with a Sega Genesis, and we could never beat the game. Sonic the Hedgehog was just too hard for us at our age, and because of that I just never gave it a try again, until now. As for The Legend of Zelda, I never got a chance to play it. It was one of the games that I wish I had owned when I had my NES. As most of you may know, the first game that I actually played was The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, for the GameBoy Color.

So for the time being I will be playing those until I conquer them. I’ll be sure to leave a post on Facebook and Twitter for when I complete them. What games are you playing at the moment? Leave a comment down below. Hope you enjoyed the little switch up here on our blog! I’m Christian, and you’ve just been ChrisCrossed!

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  1. i like the legend of zelda love -legend of brett