December 17, 2010

Donkey Kong Country LP & The Game Station!

  On Decmeber 10th, we launched our first ever Let's Play!  In honor of the new Nintendo release of Donkey Kong Country Returns, we wanted to LP the game that stated it all!  We are extremly excited about Let's Playing Donkey Kong Country, and we are also very excited about all the new features we are adding to our LP!

  Our LP still has the traditional format that you would see on any LP, but we have added many new things to shake things up and make it different and new!  On thing we are excited about with our LP's is our Challenge Mode!  It's where Christian and I speed run through a level and we try to see who had the best time...we are going to try to do a challenge every episode, and at the end of the entire LP, we will tally who has more wins...the loser will have to do something our fans get to vote on through Facebook and Twitter!

  Another thing we are adding to our LP's is the 'Fails of the Day' & the 'Wins of the Day'!  DKC is a very hard game, and of course, while playing it, you are going to fail.  So at the end of each episode, we add a fun montage with all of the fun fails we had during our playthrough of that episode!  Same thing goes for the Wins of the Day!  You are going to have moments in the game where you say, "How did I do that?!?" So this is where we show off our DK SKILLz and make ourselves look better at the game than we actually are! :)

  We really wanted to make this LP fun for everyone, so we setup a camera so that our fans can actually see us react to certain parts of the game!  We feel it makes it more personal and it's fun to see how we react to certain situations in the game.  One thing Christian and I are trying to do is eat as many bananas during our LP as we can!  We are doing a count of how many we consume from start to end of our LP!  There will be a day when we ask our fans to guess how many bananas we will consume, and whoever guesses right will win a small prize!!  We have many many more surprises coming for our DKC LP!  We have a bunch of co-commentators and we have mini-giveaways and extra frun content coming too!  We really have only begun, and our goal is to make this LP fun and unique for everyone!!

  We have also been really busy with TheGameStation!  Our dream from day one was to get a YouTube Partnership, and with TheGameStation's help, it has become a reality!!  TheGameStation really doesn't need an introduction...they are HUGE!  And we feel so honored to be affiliated with their family now!  We can't say much, but you will see a lot of us on there now!  You can see how happy we are in our NEW video HERE

So thanks again to everyone!  We are very excited about our future on TGS, and YouTube!  And of course, thanks to our fans...we would not be here without you!!

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