October 30, 2010

Saw 3D Review

(10/30/10) 2:54 pm...by Christian

Saw 3D, the seventh film in the Saw series, is hands down one of the best Saw movies ever made. As one of Saw's biggest fans, I am proud to say that this movie lived up to all of its hype, and really tied the whole plot together.

The use of the 3D camera's effects in the movie were really well thought out, with not too much overuse of the beautiful technology. There were key parts in the film where the effects were used, such as when blood was squirting all over the place, guts were flying out, and where flying debris was flying towards your face. There have been many releases of 3D movies this year, and they don't seem to be stopping, but I can say that Saw 3D is worthy of its title.

Moving on to the cast. Now we all know that the Saw series is not known for its Oscar nominations or any other awards, and Saw 3D is no different. Yes, there is some sub-par acting, but when isn't there in any of the other Saw movies? They wanted to keep that department as low budget as possible, to keep the cost down. Though some of these actors/actresses were not "good", it doesn't take away anything from the whole plot of the movie.

I have already covered the film work and the actors/actresses that appear in the movie. So all that really is left to be covered is the story itself and everything that happens. If I were to reveal all of the plot and give away the movie, this wouldn't be much of a review now would it? This is my first review of a movie, and it might not be as praised as much as say a Roger Ebert review, but I hope that I could give you enough information to make you want or not want to see Saw 3D.

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